Aria Johnson, leading Pop Star Strategist, introduces the Ferrari of Artist Development programs...
The Golden Voice Academy
Helping artists conquer the brutal music business,
quit their day job, make 6 figures and get a record deal…
2019 Prices:
  • 10 x 60min video lessons = $3,500 $1,997
  • ​10 x 60min live video group coaching = $2,000 $300
  • 2 x 30 minute private coaching Skype sessions with Aria = $700
  • ​Regular package price = $2,997
24hr $1,000 Bonus
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  • Bonus #1: Two x 30 minute private coaching Skype sessions with Aria, save $700
  • Bonus #2: Complimentary live group coaching, save $300
$6,200 Total Value
24hr sale, pay just $1,997
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Video Classes
Live Group Coaching
Lessons available December 2nd, complete at your own pace
Week 1: Define Your Vision
  • You will decide exactly what you want and why you want it so you can get leverage on yourself. 
  • Learn about signing with a record label vs staying completely unsigned so you can make the decision that gets you to your goal.  
  • ​Live 60 minute video group coaching session with Aria***
Week 2: Write Hit Songs
  • Learn the formula for a hit song that is used on the billboard top 100 charts today.
  • Learn how to create flow so you can be creative on demand anytime you want and so much more. 
  • ​Live 60 minute video group coaching session with Aria***
Week 3: Build Your Brand
  • Learn how to brand yourself in an authentic way so you can build your fan base and get recognized for your talent.
  • Learn how to create your platform and story so you can sell to your target audience.
  • ​Live 60 minute video group coaching session with Aria***
Week 4: Record Masterpieces
  • Learn how to find and manage producers, hire a team and stay in total control of your sound so you love your music.
  • Learn about copyrighting and distribution so you can make money without a label and much more.
  • ​Live 60 minute video group coaching session with Aria***
Week 5: Performing
  • Learn how to hire and manage a band and put on a show that everyone will want to attend.
  • Learn how to handle venues, get booked and sell out all your shows.
  • ​Live 60 minute video group coaching session with Aria***
Week 6: Make $100,000 Per Year
  • Learn how to make six figures per year so you can quit your day job. 
  • Learn how to sell 10,000 copies of your album and many more ways to make money as an artist.
  • ​Live 60 minute video group coaching session with Aria***
Week 7: Marketing & Promotion
  • Learn how to use social media to market and promote yourself including Facebook, Instagram and Youtube and much more.
  • Learn how to grow your fan base so you have paying fans that buy from you again and again.
  • ​Live 60 minute video group coaching session with Aria***
Week 8: Networking Genius
  • Learn where to network, who to network with, and how to network in a way that gets you what you want. 
  • Learn how to hire a music manager and make a partnership that works so you can live your dream.
  • ​Live 60 minute video group coaching session with Aria***
Week 9: Get a Record Deal
  • Learn how to get a record deal so that you can utilize their expertise and connections.
  • Learn how to create a bidding war with labels, so you can get the best possible deal. 
  • ​Live 60 minute video group coaching session with Aria***
Week 10: Master Your Mindset
  • Learn how to have the mindset of a celebrity artist so that you can handle millions of dollars and a team of 100 people working for you without burning out. 
  • Learn techniques that give you confidence, teach you to overcome limiting beliefs, and gain total control over your career and life. 
  • ​Live 60 minute video group coaching session with Aria***
***About Group Video Coaching
During your weekly group video coaching session Aria will review the weeks class with you, answer questions and provide personal coaching in an online group classroom environment. Aria will be live on camera with sessions available to watch and participate live. If a student is unable to join the live session questions may be submitted before the session and the videos will be archived for viewing at any time. 

Access to these highly motivational and informative sessions is an optional add-on that you must purchase along with your Golden Voice Academy membership. 
Aria Johnson the voice
My name is Aria,
I help artists like you conquer the brutal music business, quit your day job, make over six figures per year, and get signed (without selling your soul). 
"I stand for the right of Recording Artists to have the recognition they deserve, artistic freedom, financial domination and social power."
My Background 
I've worked professionally in the music business for the past 25 years. My clients pay $500+ an hour for vocal coaching sessions and my Artist Development packages start at $25,000. 

I love working one on one but I saw a need for a more accessible price point, so for the past 2 years I've been developing a FOOLPROOF Artist Development Program that will give you the benefits of one of my premium Artist development packages for a fraction of the price.
...and now, I want to work with you!
P.S. There's more on my background at the bottom of this page but, since this is about you, let's talk more about your career and where it's going...
Are You Ready
To stop struggling with the confusing music business and finally QUIT YOUR DAY JOB, MAKE SIX FIGURES and GET A RECORD DEAL without killing yourself by learning everything the hard way?
To Make
$100,000+ A YEAR AS AN INDIE ARTIST? You will learn how to how to market and promote yourself, sell 10,000 albums independently, and many more ways to make money NOW so you can quit your day job! I will show you step by step how to do it. 
To Get
A MAJOR LABEL RECORD DEAL? You will learn how to brand and package yourself authentically to a mass audience so that record labels can’t resist you!
To Become
FAMOUS FOR YOUR MUSIC? You will learn to build a massive fan base, write and record hit songs, and market and promote yourself!
  • 10 weeks of approximately 60 minute Music Business coaching sessions with LIFETIME ACCESS to classes.
  • Aria will teach the important parts of what you would learn in a 4 year Music Business University Degree plus how to make $100,000+ a year as an artist, how to get a record deal, and how to build your fan base so you have lifelong fans who will buy from you. 
  • Life changing information that you cannot find on the Internet or from a book. It can only be learned from a real industry insider whose artists have succeeded again and again. 
Live Sessions
  • Access to 10 weeks of Live Video coaching and Q&A Sessions with Aria. 
  • We review everything students learned during the week and Aria will answer your personal questions.  
  • Aria will find solutions to your individual career needs. 
  • You will learn a ton from your peers because they will ask questions you haven’t thought of yet. This is a proven formula that works.
Several of our students have received high school and college credits for their work with The Golden Voice in the past. If this is available from your institution we’ll work with you to get the materials necessary to get your deserved credit.
Aria Johnson music expert
Aria Johnson music expert
Aria Johnson music expert
Our Promise
 Graduates of The Golden Voice Academy will be 
set up for success with 3 Guarantees:
You'll be the TOTAL PACKAGE. Graduates will have all the information they need to take their music career to the next level and, if you're ready, we will get you...
ACCESS to OUR RECORDING STUDIO in Los Angeles to work with our 
Award Winning Producers then, if your music is up to par... 
We'll guarantee you a real shot at a MAJOR LABEL PUBLISHING DEAL with one of our publishing partners.
The Golden Voice Team have worked with every major record label and directly contributed to over 100 million youtube views, multi-platinum record sales, kids starring in their own Disney shows, and over 50 million album sales to date.
The Program
What problems does this program SOLVE? The Golden Voice Academy REDUCES STRESS by giving you an easy to follow, step-by-step guide on how to quit your day job and become a FAMOUS RECORDING ARTIST. 
The Difference
This 10 week program gives you the exact steps The Golden Voice has used with Major Record Labels to CREATE & LAUNCH A-List music artists. There is no other artist development program on the planet that will teach you how to start making six figures and BECOME A STAR in 10 weeks. 
Expert Advice
The Golden Voice Academy will show you HOW TO GET A RECORD DEAL on your terms and how to make over $100,000 per year without a label. 
Aria, Farrell Williams and Gwen Stefanie
Beverly Hills Pawn
Aria Johnson recording Nightbird Studios
A Few Celebrity Clients
Justin Bieber
Jennifer Lopez
Miley Cyrus
Jennifer Hudson
David Guetta
Selena Gomez
Kelly Rowland
David Foster
Michelle Williams
Flo Rida
Austin & Ally
Shaniah Paige
Shaniah Paige
Over the last five years I have achieved so many goals that Aria and The Golden Voice have helped me accomplish. Most importantly I got signed to a record label and have been named the fresh new face of country in Nashville! My confidence, song writing, and brand have improved in countless ways. 

Thanks to Aria’s help I’ve been on tour for the last two years, worked with Nashville’s top country songwriters, opened for A-List music stars for audiences of 10,000 people, have a successful 3 song EP on iTunes, a music video I am proud of and have been nominated two years in a row for an Hollywood Music in Media Award! Aria has developed me as an artist and carried me under her wing to make sure that I get to live my dream. 
Aria Johnson Star
Is This You?
  • Artists who want to BECOME FAMOUS in the music business as a Popstar, Rapper, Singer/Songwriter, Country, EDM, R&B, Soul or Indie music scene. 
  • If you want to MAKE over $100,000 a year while remaining completely independent.  
  • If you are a Parent of an aspiring artist and you want to help them live their dreams (but don’t know what to do).    
Who has benefited from your program?
The Golden Voice has worked with A-list celebrities and major record labels, helped completely unknown artists to get major label record deals and become household names, indie artists who are now sustaining six figure incomes without a label, youtube music stars with over 100 million views and kids who have landed lead roles in Disney shows.
Sasha Casares Artist Development
Sasha Casares
I love working with Aria Johnson and her team. Aria has been my artist development coach these past few years and, as a result, last year I sang at the Grammy’s with Demi Lovato! 

Aria helped me with artist development, confidence, vocal production, songwriting and my stage presence. Through working with The Golden Voice Team, I recently recorded a duet with Grammy winning artist Miguelito. Investing time with Aria has been the best decision I ever made in my career. Now while I’m in the studio with my amazing multi-platinum producer, my sessions are more productive, smoother and we are able to get recordings done faster then before. I am very thankful for Aria who has helped my career tremendously.
J'Rose winning award
J ' Rose
I met Aria at a showcase when I was 11 years old and she became my coach and artist development mentor. In the last four years of working closely with The Golden Voice Team I have grown both vocally and as a performer. Since working with Aria I have had 600,000 plays on my YouTube videos! I continue to have opportunities and consistent working (paid) gigs and I have written 20 songs. I won a Malibu Music Award for Best Teen Artist, the Stan Lee’s Comikaze Award for Best Original Song, the CBS Studios Award for Overall Best Performance & Song and even had a song placement at 13. I am now 15 years old and in talks with a Major Record Label about a record deal. As I continue to grow as an artist, Aria Johnson and her team continue to make the difference in my journey while giving me guidance and opportunities in my career.
Destiny Rogers
Destiny Rogers
I have had the pleasure of sitting under the teaching and guidance of The Golden Voice. Aria Johnson, my mentor, not only welcomed me in a professional manner, but she also treated me as a friend. I now have over 88,000 instagram followers who love my music! Aria’s approach to artist development and the art of singing and stage presence encouraged me to raise the bar on my skill level. She was able to walk me through a variety of exercises that helped me become successful as an artist. In addition to this, my ability to draw an audience and keep their attention as I perform has greatly improved. Her expertise in the entertainment business made her a perfect fit for the direction I am headed and gave me a running start. Whether through Skype or in person, Aria Johnson’s extensive approach to entertaining can bring out the best out of any level of talent.
Aria Johnson the voice
A bit more about Aria... 
"For the last 2 years I've been building an Artist Development Academy, a $5,000+ Value available for a fraction of the price"
I am in the position to be your mentor because I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing and 25 years experience working professionally in the Music Business

Over those years I've built a team to be proud of. The Golden Voice team has directly contributed to Multi-Platinum record sales, 100 million YouTube views, we have helped create Disney stars and have over 50 million album sales to date

We have worked with artists from every Major Record Label (including Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group) and several TV networks including Warner Bros, Disney, MTV, CBS, UPN, The CW, E-Entertainment, Bravo and The Style Network. 

I've also worked in the television industry where I starred in 5 seasons of Beverly Hills Pawn as the music expert; the #1 show on Reelz Channel that aired in 83 countries worldwide. I landed this role because of my success helping artists make it in the music business. 
...and now, I want to work with you!
How much is the program?
In 2018 it was $4997. I decided to re-record, rewrite and reduce the price this year to $1997 so more indie artists can join. The goal is to help you achieve your dreams NOW. 
What does the 10 week program cover? 
Each week a new module will be released which you can view at a time that suits you. The modules are:
1. Define Your Vision 
2. Write Hit Songs
3. Build Your Brand
4. Record Masterpieces
5. Perform and Tour
6. Make $100,000 Per Year
7. Marketing and Promotion
8. Become a Networking Genius
9. Get a Record Deal
10. Master Your Mindset
How are the classes conducted?
Once your course is paid for in full you will have access to the first week of classes. Each week after that a new class will unlock for viewing. The classes are usually around 60 minutes long (some longer, some shorter) and are broken into segments for easy viewing. Once the class is unlocked you can watch it as many times as you like for as long as you like.
Is this course relevant to me?
If you're a singer, song-writer, rapper or any other category of vocal artist then yes, this is for you. Much of our work has been done with pop stars but the information and education is relevant to the entire industry. If you're a producer or DJ you will  get a lot of benefit from this course but it is specifically tailored towards vocal artists. 
What is a Live Group Session?
During your weekly group video coaching session Aria will review the weeks class with you, answer questions and provide personal coaching in an online group classroom environment. Aria will be live on camera with sessions available to watch and participate live. If a student is unable to join the live session questions may be submitted before the session and the videos will be archived for viewing at any time. 

Access to these highly motivational and informative sessions is an optional add-on that you must purchase along with your Golden Voice Academy membership. 
Can I buy just one of the modules?
Currently that is not an option and there are no plans to break out modules a-la-carte.
Are refunds available?
Absolutely no refunds because there is no way for me to determine if the artist actually did the work. If you do exactly what I tell you to, you will get results like the many clients I have worked with. 
What if something comes up and I can’t do the course on time? Is there a refund available then?
No, because once the class has started, you can watch the classes at a later date or anytime you want. If you can’t make the 10 hours of live Q&A, recordings of the live sessions will be available and posted within 48 hours of the live session.
Do I have to watch the videos live?
No, once unlocked they are available at any time to watch.
Do I have to be established as a singer or rapper to join the course?
No, you can be an aspiring artist and you will save yourself 25 years of learning the hard way. This course will teach you everything you need to know to have a thriving music career from the ground up. 
Is this course for producers and musicians?
If you are a producer, dj, or musician, a lot of the information will still apply to you and you are welcome to take the class, but this is specifically geared toward singers and rappers want to make money in the business. 
With all the scams out there, who is is Aria Johnson and why should I trust her?
I use to be an artist for many years, and sadly I was scammed more than once when I was young. I spent thousands of dollars on people who promised the moon and stars but couldn’t deliver. I vowed to help artists NEVER get scammed again and built this course on my reputation of 25 years in the business. I’ve got your back. You can read about why I am credible here.
Terms and conditions
Please carefully read the following terms and conditions ("Terms") relating to your participation in The Golden Voice Academy (the "Program") which is owned and operated by ARLU INC dba THE GOLDEN VOICE (the “Provider”), an Oregon business. 

By registering for the Program, you (the "Client") signify your acceptance of these Terms. 

By participating in the Program, Client agrees to abide by these Terms and understands that the decision of Provider regarding all aspects of Client’s participation in the Program, are final and binding in all respects. 

With your purchase, Provider and Client (collectively ‘Parties”) agree to the following:

1. Membership: Clients enrolled in The Golden Voice Academy agree to the services offered by Provider below, and are requesting to be enrolled for a minimum of ten (10) weeks in the Program (the “Term”). 

2. Client Benefits: Provider agrees to provide the following Music Business and coaching services to Client while Client is a participant in the Program. 
a. Weekly video lesson program 
b. Weekly recorded group brainstorming sessions for students purchasing the optional group coaching add-on

3. Client Conduct: Provider takes its business seriously and acts with integrity and professionalism. Provider expects Client to do the same. Thus, Provider requires Client to be respectful and professional to Aria Johnson and other members of the Academy throughout the Program as well as to Provider's staff, speakers, and other Clients and their guests or families throughout the Program, even during non-scheduled downtime and breaks. Provider reserves the right to ask Client to withdraw from the Program should they be deemed rude, uncooperative, unprofessional, or intoxicated or in possession of any illegal substance during a live Online Event. By participating in the Program, Client agrees to respect Provider's time, expertise and reputation and shall be concise, respectful and professional in all communication with Provider and other third parties. Any abuse or overuse of Providers time or any disrespectful communication sent to Provider or The Golden Voice, by Client (with "disrespectful" determined solely by Provider), shall constitute a material breach of these Terms. An initial warning will be given by email to Client. A subsequent breach will warrant the immediate termination of Client's participation in the Program without reimbursement in any form. 

4. Membership Fees: Unless otherwise discounted by promotion, Membership Fees for the Term of this agreement are USD$1,997 for the weekly video lesson program and $297 for the group video coaching sessions. All fees are due and payable in full before the program begins. Client understands and agrees that the failure to make any payment when due shall constitute a material breach of this Agreement and may result in the immediate termination of Client's participation in the Program without reimbursement in any form. 

5. Liability Waiver - Live Events: Client hereby releases Provider, its directors, principals, officers, shareholders, employees, interns, contractors, sponsors, agents, successors, assigns, and representatives from any and all liability to Client, Client’s personal representatives, estate, heirs, next of kin, and assigns for any and all claims and causes of action for loss of or damage to Client’s property and for any and all illness or injury to Client’s person, including Client’s death, that may result from or occur during Client participation at the Program whether caused by negligence of Provider, its directors, principals, officers, shareholders, employees, interns, contractors, sponsors, agents, successors, assigns, and/or representatives, or otherwise. Client further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Provider and any third-party company from liability for the injury or death of any person(s) and damage to property that may result from Client’s negligent or intentional act or omission while attending and participating in the Program. Under no circumstances will Provider be held liable for Client’s injury or death or any loss of, or damage to, Client’s personal belongings resulting from Client’s participation in the Program. Client agrees that if Client has any medical or psychological conditions that may hamper Client from fully and healthfully participating in the Program that Client will notify Provider and that Provider retains the right to ask that Client not participate in portions of or the entirety of the Program.

6. Liability Disclaimer - No Professional Advice: The information contained in or made available by Provider or The Golden Voice, through the Program or their websites or services cannot replace or substitute for the services of trained professionals in any field, including, but not limited to, mental, financial, medical, psychological, or legal fields. Provider does not offer any professional personal, medical, financial or legal advice and none of the information contained in the Program should be confused as such advice. Neither Provider, nor The Golden Voice, will be liable for any special or consequential damages that result from Client's participation in the program. 

7. Confidentiality and Non-Compete: Client hereby understands and agrees that the tools, processes, strategies, materials and information presented in the Program are confidential, copyrighted, and property of Provider. Client agrees not to record, duplicate, distribute, teach or train from the Program’s concepts or materials in any manner whatsoever without the express prior written permission of Provider. Any unauthorized use or distribution of Provider's private, confidential or proprietary concepts, materials, or intellectual property by Client or Client's representatives is prohibited and subject to legal review and response. Provider will pursue legal action and full damages against Client if these Terms are violated in any way in order to protect its rights and business.

8. No Solicitation/Poaching: The parties agree that their respective employees and contractors are valuable assets who are difficult to replace. Accordingly, during the Term of this Agreement and for a period of twenty-four (24) months thereafter, neither party will knowingly solicit the other party’s employees and contractors with offers of employment or independent contractor work. 

9. Adult Content: During the Program, Provider may discuss several adult topics relating to professional growth. Provider will also occasionally use adult language to emphasize a point, connect with, or surprise the audience (though Provider will always use tact and discretion in doing so). People who are uncomfortable with such topics or language should not participate in the program.

10. Audio/Visual Release: By participating in the Program, Client understands that portions of the Program may be recorded in video and audio and/or captured in stills and/or digital photographs or other suitable media (the ‘Media’) and that such Media may feature Clients name, likeness, voice, biographical details, testimonials, or photographs. Client agrees that Provider and its assigns owns all rights to the Media and has the right and permission to use and exploit the Media in any form and derivation across all delivery platforms known or unknown. Upon request by Provider, Client shall sign additional documentation reflecting Provider’s ownership of this intellectual property.

11. Cancellation Policy: Provider is serious and committed to helping client’s business and expects client to be fully committed also. Once Client registers for the Program, Provider makes extensive arrangements and investments while anticipating Client's tuition and participation. As such, all payments made by Client under this Agreement are non-refundable. Provider is not liable for any refund amount due to Client side technical problems including not having access to the Program for any reason.

12. Assignments and Transfers: Provider may hire experts to teach parts of the program to benefit the clients.

13. No Joint Venture: The parties agree that no joint venture, partnership, employment, or agency relationship exists between parties as a result of this Agreement or performance thereof. 

14. Non-Disparagement: During and after the Term of this Agreement, and any renewals thereof, neither party to this Agreement nor anyone acting on their behalf shall make any derogatory or disparaging statements about the other, or its past or present direct or indirect parent companies or its past or present subsidiaries or affiliates, or any of its past or present officers, directors, employees, consultants, agents, representatives, successors or assign, or directly or indirectly take any action which is intended to embarrass any of them. This provision for non-disparagement shall survive termination of this Agreement. 

15. Force Majeure: Neither party shall be liable for failure to perform any of its obligations under this Agreement during any period in which such party cannot perform due to fire, earthquake, flood, or other natural disaster, epidemic, explosion, casualty, war, terrorism, embargo, riot, civil disturbance, act of public enemy, act of God, or the intervention of any government authority, or similar cause beyond either party’s control, and provided further that the other party may terminate this Agreement if such force majeure condition has continued for a period of thirty (30) consecutive days. 
16. Governing Law and Venue: This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Oregon, United States of America. Subject to any alternative dispute resolution provisions of this Agreement, the venue shall be any court of competent jurisdiction in the County of Deschutes, Oregon, USA. Client waives any argument of improper Venue or Inconvenient Forum (Forum Non-Convenient) with respect to the geographic location for the resolution of any and all legal disputes.

17. Dispute Resolution: The parties agree that any legal action or proceeding between them for any purpose concerning this Agreement or the parties' obligations hereunder, excluding equitable relief for intellectual property infringement and breach of non-compete claims, will first attempt to be resolved with the help of a mutually agreed-upon online mediator. Any costs and fees (other than attorney fees) associated with the mediation will be shared equally by each of the parties. If it proves impractical to arrive at a mutually satisfactory solution through online mediation, the parties agree to submit the dispute to expedited, confidential binding arbitration before a single arbitrator under the Commercial Rules of the American Arbitration Association, which Rules are deemed to be incorporated by reference into this clause. The place of arbitration shall be in Bend, Deschutes County, Oregon, USA. The language to be used in the arbitral proceedings shall be English. The parties also agree that each party will be responsible for one half of the arbitration fees and costs incurred, and their respective lawyer fees. Judgment upon the award rendered by the arbitration may be entered in any court with jurisdiction to do so. In no case shall either party have the right to go to court or have a jury trial. The parties will not have the right to engage in pre-trial discovery except as provided in the rules; they will not have the right to participate as a representative or member of any class of claimants pertaining to any claim subject to arbitration; the arbitrator's decision will be final and binding with limited rights of appeal. 

19. Waiver or Modification by Conduct: A party’s failure to insist upon or enforce strict performance of any term or provision of this Agreement shall not be construed as a waiver of any term, provision or right. Neither the course of conduct between the parties nor trade practice shall act to modify any provision of this Agreement.

20. Entire Agreement: This Agreement contains the entire understanding between the parties with respect to its subject matter, and supersedes any and all prior or contemporaneous proposals, communications, agreements, negotiations, and representations, whether written or oral, related thereto.
21. Miscellaneous: If any provision of this Agreement is or becomes unenforceable in whole or in part, such provision shall be deemed amended to conform to the requirements of the law so as to be valid and enforceable, or if it cannot be amended without materially altering the intention of the parties, it shall be stricken and the remainder of the Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.
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